Bioclimatic Pergolas

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Bioclimatic Pergolas, enjoy outdoor spaces all year long

Creating a space that connects the inside and the outside of your home with distinctive and sophisticated appeal, just like in those dream homes that we all admire on catalogues, is indeed possible and easier than you can imagine.

The outdoor can be decorated with special bioclimatic pergolas that are installed without needing permits.

Many models and versions proposed by Arquati, to choose the best-suited solution for your home to enjoy your outside spaces.

The pergola can be installed in the garden and also on a large terrace or near your swimming pool, thus extending in many ways the living surface of your home, making all of it really liveable.

The pergola can be standalone or wall-leaning, creating a covered entrance towards the outside, and defining a unique space to enjoy.

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Advantages of a Bioclimatic Pergola

Those who want to improve the appeal and liveability of their independent house or would like to have a surrounding private space, can choose to install a Bioclimatic Pergola. Modern pergolas can fit perfectly in a variety of home settings.

The evolution of design and technology now at work for your spaces. Pergocasa® Venere is the bioclimatic pergola with sunscreen cover made of adjustable blades that provide ideal protection in outdoor settings.

The entire space can be covered or partially retracted leaving a portion exposed to the sun in good weather or during a sunny day.

Pergocasa® Venere Pergola creates a perfect microclimate, sun protection adjusted to the angle and intensity of the light. Also, Venere Pergola provides protection from all atmospheric agents thanks to its accessories, such as vertical roll up Ciclamino closures or glass panels that complete and close off the area in every season. In the summer, the mosquito netting protect against insects in a natural way, and the light and audio Bluetooth systems create the desired atmosphere for every moment.

An important plus is that you can customise your choices during every phase of selection of the best-suited model for your space and use. Every pergola can be tailored to your choice of finishes, accessories and automatic functions.

The Pergocasa® structure can be furnished to your taste, it can be an outside dining room, a solarium, an open air study with view …

In addition to these aesthetic advantages, Pergocasa® Venere has also many practical benefits not to be ignored.

Firstly, installation permits are not required for retractable pergolas with adjustable blades: the installation is authorisation-free and this is another reason why this is a preferred solution.

In case of need, the Pergocasa® Venere can be easily moved and its installation does not change the intended use of the spaces.

Visit with our technicians to discover all the advantages of the Bioclimatic Pergola.


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