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What to check before installing a Pergocasa pergola

Unlike the classic trellis, which is legally defined as a manufactured object “whose nature is only ornamental, made with light weight structures supporting crawling plants that provide shade and shelter”, a Pergocasa® bioclimatic pergola is a new way to live the outdoor areas enjoying the perfect combination of technological evolution and design.

Venere 10

Bioclimatic Pergolas

Creating a space that connects the inside and the outside of your home with distinctive and sophisticated appeal, just like in those dream homes that we all admire on catalogues, is indeed possible and easier than you can imagine.

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Choose the awning best suited for your space

Sun awnings create shaded and fresh areas to enjoy the outdoors even during the hottest summers: terraces, balconies and gardens become places to relax and have fun even during the hottest hours of the day.


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Margherita 3
"My husband and I are very happy with our awning installed on our terrace. Excellent job! During the summer, the awning has allowed us to enjoy sunny afternoons without suffering from the heat and now that the weather has changed, we are not bother by the rain etc....and I am pleased to say that the fabric has remained unchanged. Excellent quality of materials!"
Giona Righetti
Trustpilot verified review | 05/12/20
"The person with whom I spoke was very kind and helpful, he made an appointment for me right away. The consultant was able to advise me on the product most suited for me. Solid and professional company!"
Anna Maria Brandinelli
Trustpilot verified review | 27/11/20
"Good quality sun awnings. Excellent quality/price ratio. Just beautiful to look at! Very satisfied with my choice."
Sergio Franco
Trustpilot verified review | 19/11/20