Calla giorno

With the right awnings, every space can become the perfect place.

The recipe for the perfect aperitif calls for 4 things: good company, a great cocktail, the right snack and a comfortable place. Except for the first item, it is up to the café to provide the other 3 things.

For sure, your drinks can be spectacular, and the buffet of Michelin quality, but what to do to create the comfortable atmosphere, especially outdoors? The solution is just two words: Sun awning  or pergola!

Sun awnings and pergolas not only protect your customers from the sun and the weather (preventing the drink from warming up or melting), but they give you the opportunity to better use all the space available, so people won’t crowd each other with glasses in their hands.

Every café and bar has its sun awning

Every café has its style and features, therefore its own specific kind of awning: selecting the right type will bring to your café or bar the best results and you will save you the money that otherwise would be spent for remodelling and repairs, should you choose a poorly suited model.

Therefore, let’s see which are the models and how to select one!

Perfect to create spaces in every season, the folding arm sun awnings offer the advantage of being retractable and protected from atmospheric agents by a hood, a cover or a cassette, so they keep “in shape”.

If you want to make the most of your space and do not want much bulk, this is the perfect solution for you.

Some spaces already have a covered area, but the sun get there at some point during the day.

With the drop down sun awnings you can protect every porch and make sure that your outdoor space is always the perfect oasis for the happy hour customers.

Ideal to protect your customers from wind and rain.

edera giorno

If the only part of the bar/café that you want to keep fresh is the entrance, then choose a dome-shaped awning: this not only provides shade at any time of the day, it also gives a certain touch of class to the location and it can be personalised with logos or phrases, for a unique kind of advertising effect.

Ok, is a sun awning not enough?  The pergola is an effective and classy solution to create your own aperitif corner. Standalone or wall-mounted, pergolas transform every space into a relax zone

And, thanks to the vertical closures and the sliding doors, comfort is guaranteed in any season: you can offer fresh aperitifs in the hottest months, as well as amazing breakfasts or coffee breaks in the winter.

If your café’s ambition needs space and style, this is undoubtedly the best choice.




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