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Sun awnings create shaded and fresh areas to enjoy the outdoors even during the hottest summers: terraces, balconies and gardens become places to relax and have fun even during the hottest hours of the day.

In addition to sheltering from the heat of the sun, they are also a decorative element for the building’s façade. Therefore, the choice should be based on various criteria and information regarding the awnings’ characteristics

Types and functions of the Sun Awnings

It is important to be informed on the different types of awnings and to choose the model most suited for your desired project.

The main types of awnings in Arquati’s offer range are:

A style custom made for your spaces. Arquati’s retractable arm awnings are a modern, functional product, easy to install, available both in manual and motorised version.

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Arquati’s dome-shaped retractable awnings provide sun protection and fit various architectural styles, from traditional ones to the most sophisticated, making them more attractive.


Arquati drop down awnings have a minimal and elegant structure, with simple hooks to fix the fabric vertically, sliding arms for inclination, with either guides or small cables.

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Sun awnings elements

Sun awnings are made of several elements:

  • The cover fabric, i.e. the part that actually shades the area where the awning is mounted and defines the appearance of the selection
  • The supporting structure or framewhere the cover is set, that defines the type of awnings installed
  • The cassette, it is optional and not all awnings have it, yet it is indispensable to preserve the cover and the mechanical parts.
  • Hood, also optional and as alternative to the cassette

The first element of consideration when choosing a Sun Awnings is the type of fabric.  As this is the distinctive element of the awning, not only the functionality needs to be assessed, but the appearance too, which should perfectly suit the building in style and colour. Cotton and acrylic fabrics are the most requested. Cotton fabrics are most subject to tear, mildew and ageing due to exposure to the sun, while acrylics are more resistant and less prone to fading. The fibre composition also absorbs better the UV rays thanks to the thick and compact weave and greater thickness.

Arquati offers a wide range of colours to choose from and to combine for your interiors and exteriors décor. Do you prefer warm light? Choose light fabrics in white, beige or yellow. Do you prefer a cold colour atmosphere? Go for dark green fabric, blue or with dark colour stripes. 

A good fabric must be resistant to tears and water, so the sun awning performs better against the weather. This makes a good sun awning also a lasting investment.

Last but not least important, is the choice of the structure that is relevant not just for matters of beauty, but also in terms of functionality, which will directly contribute to the performance of the choice you made

Visit with our technicians to choose the sun awning best suited for your outside spaces.


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