What to check before installing a Pergocasa pergola

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Trellis and Pergocasa®: permits and authorizations

Unlike the classic trellis, which is legally defined as a manufactured object “whose nature is only ornamental, made with light weight structures supporting crawling plants that provide shade and shelter”, a Pergocasa® bioclimatic pergola is a new way to live the outdoor areas enjoying the perfect combination of technological evolution and design.

How to handle compliance with the different laws or regulations regarding installation?

Choosing to install a bioclimatic pergola and taking advantage of the countless benefits that this offers in terms of enjoying outdoor living spaces does not require any particular legal obligation.

Generally, a Pergocasa® installation can indeed be considered a so-called authorisation-free type of construction with no municipality permit needed. However, it is prudent to contact the experts, such as Arquati’s technicians, who will help you wade through the complicated world of the regulations specific to the municipality where you live. In fact, regulations can be different in each municipality according to the dimensions of the bioclimatic pergola, its overall volume or the materials of its components.

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Trellis and Pergocasa®: municipality permits

Although there aren’t special limitations regarding Pergocasa® installations, the building code of the municipality and relative technical characteristics/authorizations for each type of installation need to be taken into account. A municipality may in fact consider the bioclimatic pergola as belonging to the category of temporary trellis or to that of canopies (hard to remove, thus intended to extend the home’s covered area in a semi-permanent manner).

Therefore, some caution is recommended, because the core difference is always centred on the mobility of the cover, as the law considers “canopy” any fixed system, thus imposes building permits.

Trellis and Pergocasa®: installation in a condominium

Another matter is the installation of a Pergocasa® in a condominium. In these cases, the condominium’s rules and duties are applicable: the duty not to alter the look of the building, not to create areas attached to the upstairs neighbour’s properties who, due to failure to maintain a minimal distance (3m), might lose their right to a view.

The Bioclimatic Pergola does not involve changes to the cadastral map. In case of large dimensions, the municipal building code shall be consulted before proceeding with the installation.

Contact our technicians to discover how to install a Pergocasa® in your open air spaces. We will assist you throughout the process of compliance with standards and laws in force in the municipality where you reside.Rivolgiti ai nostri tecnici per scoprire la possibilità di installare una Pergocasa® nei tuoi spazi all’aperto. Ti aiuteremo a completare il processo seguendo le leggi e le norme imposte dal tuo comune di residenza.


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