Pergocasa® SKIPPER is a retractable vertical closure for pergolas, with lateral runners and a zipper system for protection against sun, rain and wind.

The aluminium structure is guaranteed up to level 6 of the Beaufort scale, up to 450 cm x H 300 cm (class 3 – compliant with UNI EN 13561:2009, UNI EN 13782:2006 and Structural Eurocodes).

Skipper’s housing box can be opened and inspected, in addition, it features a top external gasket that perfectly joins the profile with the ceiling. The box houses also the sliding systems for additional covers. The rails, with spring compensation mechanism, allow the structure to adjust for alterations and stresses originated by the width of the cover.

Skipper’s distinctive characteristic is the way in which the cassette is fastened to the ceiling support, with a CLICK BLOCK spring, and how the rails make up for the imperfections of the side walls with a system of screw-type telescopic bushings. The runners lateral gasket, applied both on the inside and outside of the profile, was designed to have a part that can be “torn off”, to optimize the overall size of the gasket with the surrounding space.


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