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A quality awning helps also to lower costs

Good weather is around the corner, the air temperature is raising and in a short while fans and climate control systems will be used overtime … not withstanding energy saving!

Yet, to lower the temperature in your homes (consequently the amount due on your bills), there is a very simple method: pulling the blinds! It is absolutely right. A good awning can fight against the heat generated by sunrays in the hottest hours of the day.

Let’s see how.

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Your defence against heat

The gtot index measures the strength of a sun shade in protecting from your home from increasing solar heat and it determines the degree of protection provided by sun shades. This is in essence the amount of solar heat transmission that can enter inside our homes through a shade/glass system.

The lower the value, the lower is the heat that comes into our homes! To have a shade with good gtot value, helps to reduce or even avert to use the air conditioning, and that is a significant saving on the bills.

Outside is better

The type of awning and the colour of the material may affect the insulation capacity of the awning, but the real difference is in its location: an outside shade reduces the heat by twice as much as one installed inside.

This is why, for maximum protection, we recommend to use devices such as retractable or drop down or dome-shaped awnings.

You save also when you buy


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